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Giles Clark Photography now offer perhaps one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective imaging solutions exclusively for the Leisure-Marine industry. With the proposed introduction of drone photography and a fully equipped chase boat, we will soon offer Brokers, Charter companies and private owners a complete photographic package designed to be flexible, engaging and inexpensive.

Coming Soon... PfCO Qualified Aerial (Drone) Photography

Available Soon… Commercially Qualified (PfCO) Professional Drone Photography

Using the latest DJI UAV (Drone) technology and fully equipped chase boat, GCP will soon offer 20MP aerial photography and 4K video at 60FPS.

This will soon be introduced to the GCP leisure-marine service package in response to the demand for high quality running shots and external Brokerage shots.

very soon, capitalizing on Robert’s sailing experience, we are introducing an innovative Performance Sailing Analytics services. We’ll follow you with our drone as you experiment with rig, trim and sail adjustments in a structured and controlled sequence. This time-coded video footage combined with on-board audio and a coordinated log of your settings will be a valuable tool for anyone wanting to win more silverware!

Initially, we’ll be using the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced. Chosen primarily for it’s incredible camera specification, we’ve found the Phantom 4 Advanced to be ludicrously easy to fly, even at a fraction under 40 knots, and the imagery from the 1″ CMOS sensor is about as good as it gets within such a small, easily transportable and easily manoeuvrable body.

When aerial photography is added to Giles Clark Photography’s imaging packages, with the ability to capture HDR stills or high-resolution video, we feel sure that we will soon offer the most cost-effective imaging solution for Brokers, Charter Companies and private owners.

Camera Features

The Phantom 4 Advanced Camera comes equipped with a 1 inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor. This lens, custom crafted by DJI, is made up of eight individual elements in seven groups. Some of the key features include:

    • A mechanical shutter to eliminate rolling shutter distortion.
    • As powerful as many traditional ground cameras.
    • Powerful video precessing supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps (100Mbps bitrate).
    • All imagery captured in high dynamic range and incredible detail, allowing for advanced post-production work.

Vision Sensors

The DJI Phantom 4 Advanced comes with the ‘FlightAutonomy’ DJI vision sensing system.

This features:

    • 5 vision sensors.
    • Dual-band sattellite positioning (GPS and GLONASS).
    • Ultrasonic rangefinders.
    • Redundant sensors.

All of this adds up to a system that allows the Phantom 4 Advanced Quadcopter to hover precisely in position, even when GPS isn’t available. It will handle complex flights and see obstacles as far as 30 meters in front of the drone.

GCP’s Photographer Rob Clark (or Giles if you prefer!) is a very experienced sailor and boating enthusiast. As such, with his discerning eye for detail, Giles Clark Photography aims to present your yacht, powerboat or fleet in the most appropriate and dynamic way. And now, capitalizing on Rob’s sailing experience, we will soon be introducing an innovative Performance Sailing Analytics service. We’ll follow you with our drone as you experiment with rig, trim and sail adjustments in a structured and controlled sequence. This time-coded video footage combined with on-board audio and a coordinated log of your settings will be a valuable tool for anyone wanting to win more silverware!

DSLR Stills Photography and Professional Retouching

A portfolio of high quality HDR (High Dynamic Range) stills including a hosted online album, creative PhotoShop retouching, staging and cleaning

Giles Clark Photography offers a range of digital stills packages designed to present your vessel in a professional and engaging way. Whether that’s for a Brokerage listing, Charter or for any marketing purposes, GCP offers a cost-effective package of options.

To-date, most of our assignments have been for beautiful high-end motor-yachts and even these occasionally benefit from a little splash of colour from a vase of flowers or an elegant throw draped artistically across the master bunk. A glossy society magazine, cafetiere and a pair of Aviator sunglasses on the cockpit table can give the impression of a vessel being enjoyed. Then, a little creative use of PhotoShop can even make an overcast British morning look like the Mediterranean!

The point I’m making is that we don’t just take pretty photographs. Even the smallest, unloved and forgotten vessel can look amazing once we’ve  cleaned her up, perhaps even added a coat of antifoul or a splash of varnish here and there and staged her appropriately for a few cleverly framed shots.


We have experimented with various lenses for our interior shots and have settled on a combination that represents the spaces to the very best effect, consistently, without warping the image or introducing any suspicious fish-eye distortion. Then, besides the wide reference shots of the entertaining and living spaces, we make a point of capturing the textures, wood grain, build quality or perhaps a few contextual or lifestyle shots to present your vessel in the most engaging way.

Add to all that the fact that Robert Clark, GCP’s founder and Head Photographer, is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster (Ocean) and a very accomplished sailor, you can be in no doubt that throughout the whole photographic process, your vessel is guaranteed to be in safe and experienced hands.

So, whether it’s a beautiful set of images, an immersive 3D Virtual Tour or an HD video for coaching, analysis or marketing, Giles Clark Photography is the obvious solution…

Interactive, Fully Spherical, 3D Virtual Tours

Fully spherical, HD, full screen, interactive and vibrant 3D Virtual Tours hosted securely at an affordable price

Designed and popularized as a powerful visual selling tool for the homebuyers market, Virtual Tours are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Unlike video, photographic Virtual Tours demand very little bandwidth and yet offer the viewer, perhaps an overseas buyer, to ‘wander through’ or ‘take a look around’ the property focusing on the areas that are of most interest. In fact, since the introduction of the ‘gyroscopic’ feature for IOS and Android developed by the clever chaps at VPiX® in the US, one can now literally ‘look around’ simply by, well, looking around!


There’s little doubt that, certainly within the Homebuyer’s market, potential buyers value the integrity, the honesty, of a Virtual Tour before scheduling a viewing. In fact, there’s plenty of published statistical evidence to prove this fact although, sadly, none of it from an impartial source. As such, we conducted our own study and found that the key benefit to the Broker or Agent is the dramatic reduction in the number of voyeuristic viewers, or ‘tyre-kickers’ (would that be ‘fender-kickers’?) making appointments. It’s an interesting point when considering the high-end or prestigious nature of the properties or yachts most likely to benefit from a Virtual Tour. It accommodates the nosy people and the serious buyers equally. The result? Well, those booking a viewing have already done their homework and, in all likelihood, have made a shortlist or perhaps even made a decision. And as for the voyeurs, the tyre-kickers, well they’ve seen what they wanted to see and satisfied their need to snoop around wasting everybody’s time.

Put simply, a Virtual Tour created by Giles Clark Photography and powered by VPiX® is the only sensible choice for a Broker, Agent, private seller or charter business.